2018 Western Knights Committee

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At the Annual General Meeting of the Western Knights Soccer Club, held at Nash Field in November 2017, the club was inundated with volunteers willing to help the club by either joining the committee or being part of the club’s 50th Anniversary Committee.

For 2018, the official Western Knights Committee is made up of:

Gordana Sliskovic – President
Dean Zlendic – Vice President
Marija Lacman – Secretary
Stanko Panic – Treasurer
Tonia Bates – Head of Juniors
Tracey Tchami – Uniforms & Merchandise
Helena Visic – Women’s Representative
Malcolm May – EFD Representative
Ned Cecic
Ineja Macina
Ante Kezic
Miso Bunic
Allan Tomic
Daniella Ronnestad
Jason Knott
Marija Frankovic
Darko Beretovac
Bob Kinnell

50th Anniversay committee
Antonette Zlendic
Valerina Misic
Anita Cecic
Zdenko Cudina
Anita Cudina
Zrinka Vlasic
Ana Samarin
Zvonimir Mikulic
Davor Macina
Alan Pecotic
Andrija Zuvela

All enquiries to the club can be made at westernknights1968@gmail.com

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