Buy A Brick – Help Renovate Nash Field Club Rooms

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Western Knights Soccer Club has long been a trend setter in this dynamic sport, but also a benchmark of excellence for other soccer clubs. Our on and off the field record is second to none and is the envy of all clubs. Sadly, our Club’s facilities have not kept pace with, or reflected, our winning record. While the existing club house has been our much loved home for several decades, it is now no longer adequate. Change room facilities for referees, visiting teams and our own teams should be the same quality as other clubs in the league.

In light of this, Western Knights Soccer Club is embarking on a ‘Once in 20 Years’ project to rebuild and refurbish our aging clubrooms and facilities. This huge project comes about through the great support of our partners, the Town of Mosman Park, and the Department of Sport & Recreation.

But we need more funds, so we are asking our club faithful to get involved and donate to support this building project. A club is more than simply bricks and mortar. It’s ultimately made up of all the individuals, past and present that have walked through its doors and contributed towards its success and history.

Please click here for more information: Buy a Brick Fundraiser

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