Equal Footingball Report

By September 5, 2014 Juniors No Comments

Equal Footingball has been in existence for 4 years and The Western Knights have been proud inaugural and continuous participants and supporters since then. The Western Knights Juniors Committee has always been very positive and inclusive, and the parents and players really appreciate their support. Luke Jurcevic was our marvellous original coach, but has now retired, and this year saw the Division being divided into Juniors for 8-18 year olds, and Seniors for 16+ year olds, so now Stephen Cairns coaches the Juniors, and Florian Morris coaches the Seniors. We thank all the coaches for their encouragement and patience, and for always being so positive.

The players: Conrad is known for his passion for the game, reading the game, and for his tackling skills and perseverance. Brendan is admired for his speed and tackling skills even though he is fighting an injury. Darren always puts his body on the line, and tackles anybody! Dylan has great speed and tackling skills, and accurate kicking. Chris is great in defence and has a good strong kick. Matthew is known for great dribbling skills and doesn’t mind getting into the thick of things! Hugo has great passion for training, and a keenness to participate and likes to succeed. Michael is very tenacious and is very good at calling for the ball. Jarrod is our ‘super boot’ and can kick a goal from anywhere on the pitch. Joe has great agility and speed, and is known for having entertaining celebrations after kicking goals!

We have 3 new players who have just joined us in the last few weeks: Caden who has really good speed and tackling skills, Zach who also has great speed and kicking skills, and Jess who has overcome some difficulties to even get onto the pitch.

Our thanks to all the parents who drive the boys all over Perth, and stay and support the players, and the coaches too.

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