Nash Field Building Fund Announced!

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The Western Knights have pleasure in announcing the creation of a special building fund, established in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, which will serve as the main collection point for members, supporters, and the local community to donate directly to the fund for the redevelopment of Nash Field.


As the donations are made directly to the Australian Sports Foundation, all donations above $2 are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE, meaning you also get a benefit with your generous donations to the club.


Donations can be made quick, easy and hassle free through the Australian Sports Foundation website by clicking on the link here ( Otherwise you can donate manually by completing the donation form found here (Donation Form 2015 Western Knight). Manual donations can be made using your credit card, cheque, or deposit into the Australian Sports Foundation bank account.


For more information on how to contribute to the Western Knights Building Fund, get in touch with your Knight’s representative, or contact Andrija (Andrew) Zuvela on 0408 006 580.




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