Night Series is over now we are looking to the league

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Now that the night series is finished for us at the Knights we need to seriously get prepared for the league
This is going to be a really tough affair and clubs like Asfield , Wanneroo and Mandurah will be a huge threat to our chances of gaining promotion back to the state league. During the past three weeks the coaching staff had a good look at players , some out of position , and believe that we know where we are at and what we have to do to improve on to be a competitive side.
The league will be so much stronger this year that I really think that 60 points or more will be needed to get into first position

The players have to now learn to adapat to different grounds , different types of teams and probably will need to be a lot physically tougher than they ever were last year in the state league.
We have to learn to be really clinical and take our chances and sometimes we will be very much under the pump so we need to defend a lot better individually as well as a total unit
I really think though that we have the quality with some very good individuals at our club and if they continue to bond as a group the way that thye are doing now then they should be able to look after each other during the rigorous games that will surely lie ahead
We also have some exciting young talent and late bloomers who , if they keep working hard at training , could eventually break their way into the first team and if so show everyone that they have arrived and what they have to offer
The coaches are all very keen to keep working vigorously with this group and the u/18s , through the reserves and first team will have no excuses when it comes to their preparation and guidance on the park and it will then be down to them to produce what we believe that they can produce come game time
We will now look for some more friendlies , get fitter , work on some structures then it is all down to the will to win which we hope the boys have in spades

Robbie Dunn , Andy Thorburn , Wally Aquino and Allan Pottier

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