The Nash Field Lease Extension – What it all means…

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On Tuesday 23 June 2015, the Town of Mosman Park voted by a majority to offer the Western Knights Soccer Club an extension of the lease of the Nash Field clubrooms and playing surface. The new lease when signed, will commence from 1 August 2015 and has the potential to last for 20 years, subject to the Knights meeting key targets. The Western Knights are delighted with the lease extension as it can secure the future of the club here in Mosman Park, which has been our home since 2001.


Many of our supporters have asked us what the lease means to the club, and what the club needs to do under the lease. So below are some key points of the lease:

  • The current lease on Nash Field began in June 2001 and is due to expire on 5 June 2016
  • The Town of Mosman Park have offered the club a 3 year lease commencing on 1 August 2015
  • A further renewal term of 7 years will be exercised if the club completes its major renovation works on the Nash Field clubrooms by 1 August 2018
  • At the conclusion of the additional 7 years, the club can exercise an option to extend the lease by a further 10 years until 1 August 2035
  • The rent payable by the club on the lease is $1 per year
  • The Knights are required to maintain the Nash Field pitch at its own cost
  • Maintenance of the facilities is shared by the council and the club, with a detailed maintenance schedule incorporated within the lease
  • The lease does not extend to Davis Oval or Mann Oval, however the use of these grounds are negotiated at the beginning of each year


The construction of the lease is highly focused on the clubs ambitious plans to redevelop the clubrooms at Nash Field. At an estimated cost of $1.2m, and funding of $395,000 from the Department of Sport and Recreation, and $65,000 from the Town of Mosman Park, the club needs to begin the hard work of building the clubrooms which we so desperately need. What this means is that if the club does not undertake the redevelopment of the Nash Field ground, it is likely that we will not be able to extend the lease past the initial 3 year lease.


Given the circumstances, the club believes the lease offered is in the best interests of the club, and as such the Club’s President will be signing the lease in the coming weeks.


The Club would like to thank Ron Norris, the Mayor of the Town of Mosman Park, Kevin Poynton, the CEO, and the councillors who are supportive of the club in the local community. We would also like to acknowledge the dedication of the Senior and Junior committee who have spent their volunteer time and effort to secure the lease and the Department of Sport and Recreation funding.


The word “Naš” in Croatian means “our”…

quite fitting that the club plays at Nash (or “our”) Field


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